Nitrogen Management Affects More Than Yields

The management of nitrogen is a key component in achieving higher yields. But for Josh Sattler of Willow City, N.D., nitrogen levels directly affect the prices he receives for his […]

25% Increased Nitrogen Efficiency

Reducing Expenses With 25% Increased Nitrogen Efficiency. Maximizing efficiency is the guiding principle of farming in 2016. “In a year like this, farmers want to make sure nothing falls through […]

47% Less Leaching

In today’s ag market, fine-tuning your inputs is one of the most important paths to profitability. Fertilizer, as the biggest farming expense outside of land rental, is a great place […]

Twelve Bushels More Per Acre

Every little bit helps in today’s market. And bigger bits help even more. “We have proof that NZONE nitrogen management aid boosts corn yields an average of 12 bushels an […]

Kansas Producer Compares Corn Yields

Just outside Lewis, Kansas, in the south central part of the state, John Mundhenke runs a diversified operation. Mundhenke grows corn, soybeans, alfalfa, milo and wheat. “We also run a […]

Reduced Leaching Results in Higher Yields and Protein Levels

In northwestern North Dakota, near the city of Stanley, Warren and Meredith Craft farm over 5,000 acres. Their crops for the upcoming season include spring wheat, field peas, soybeans and […]

Finishing What We’ve Started

With the final plans being made for the last pass of fungicide on corn and soybeans, we’re getting a lot of calls for AgXplore product recommendations. ValuPak/BorPak on soybeans has […]

Changing How We Manage Sulfur – Shane VanFleet

While 2015 will rightly be remembered as the year when supplemental nitrogen applications paid huge dividends in much of the Corn Belt, post-planting applications of sulfur often returned strong results […]

Inexpensive Anhydrous Ammonia Drives Need for Safe Nitrogen Stabilization

While anhydrous is affordable, farmers can save on inputs costs, improve soil health, reduce leaching and weather permitting, increase yields.

Introducing Triple-Action Nitrogen Management

ContaiN MAX is an innovative product that will change the market. It includes NBPT, NZONE and a microbial package.