What to Consider Now When Planning for 2019

The 2018 growing season will be a tough act to follow.

This year, farmers all around the nation experienced adequate moisture and favorable temperatures with limited insect and disease pressure.

“There were pockets where there was adversity, but overall, 2018 was a bumper crop year,” says AgXplore Director of Product Development and Research Brandon McMillan.

But, as every farmer knows, that doesn’t mean the 2019 growing season will follow suit. Each season is different, with unique challenges and opportunities, and the likelihood of two excellent seasons occurring back-to-back is low.

Concerned About Low Commodity Prices?

If commodity prices stay low, Brandon speculates, farmers may look to cut input costs. And he believes that’s a big mistake.

“If you start cutting inputs, it’s like cutting the icing off the cake. An input that increases yields is critical rather than optional,” he says.

Brandon uses an example to make his point. “For instance, let’s say I’m getting $5 dollars a bushel for a crop. And let’s say I make 10 bushels on average, so I’m getting $50 an acre, untreated.”

“When I use inputs, I can make 15 bushels an acre,” Brandon continues. “So instead of getting $50 per acre, I can get $75 per acre. This is the type of profit that growers depend on.”

And the cost of the input? “As long as your profit pays back your input, the price becomes irrelevant,” he says. “That’s why it’s not about saving money. It’s about maximizing your yields. Every year, that should be the goal, regardless of commodity prices.”

Inputs That Drive Higher Yields

According to Brandon, all AgXplore products—such as NZONE GL, ContaiN and BORPAK—are inputs proven to have a significant impact on yield and profitability.


This nitrogen management aid is formulated for use with anhydrous, UAN and manure. It’s safe and nontoxic, unlike the product many farmers currently use, and is beneficial to soil health rather than detrimental. NZONE GL has been proven to reduce leaching by 47 percent, an advantage no other products can offer.

“Studies also show that NZONE GL increases yield by an average of 21.6 bushels per acre over untreated nitrogen,” says Brandon. “This is the kind of yield increase that can make a substantial impact on the profitability of any farmer’s operation.”



This unique, dual-action nitrogen management aid brings together NBPT, the market’s best mode of action to control nitrogen volatility and NZONE, the market’s best product to control nitrogen leaching which results in increased nitrogen uptake.

“This product keeps the nitrogen where it belongs, in the root zone, available for plant uptake,” Brandon says. “It reduces leaching, improves soil health and provides that yield increase and profitability we’ve been talking about.”



A complex 7.5 percent boron foliar product, BORPAK gives crops the nutrients they need for cell division, the development of cell walls, setting pods and managing carbohydrate levels.

What Growers Can Do Now

As farmers begin their strategic planning for the 2019 growing season, Brandon urges them to connect with AgXplore. “We have a wide variety of products for growers and a tremendous amount of research showing how these products can increase their profitability, which is going to be very important this season,” he says.

“We’ll send an AgXplore agronomy specialist out to visit with you over coffee,” Brandon says. “In fact, we’ll even bring you the coffee to underline the point that AgXplore products give your yields a wake-up-call.”