Finishing What We’ve Started

With the final plans being made for the last pass of fungicide on corn and soybeans, we’re getting a lot of calls for AgXplore product recommendations. ValuPak/BorPak on soybeans has really gained traction across the nation.  We know the benefits of BorPak at pod set and have been sharing multiple articles stating Boron is the #1 deficiency in soybeans in the Heartland, if not everywhere.

We have also been getting a lot of calls on Dicamba damage on RR2 and LL soybeans. I looked at two separate fields this morning and they both showed injury from Dicamba chemistry.  Both were great opportunities to correct a bad situation with AgXplore products and not give up on the crop.  Farmers are a little edgy right now and tend to draw up the strings on their pocketbooks this time of the season but we have had very proactive conversations with growers and are applying ValuPak/BorPak on their fields.  I have seen so many times that the type of injury is not the limiting factor between a good and a great yield. Though these plants have been set back in the vegetative stage, they still have a lot of reproductive potential.  ValuPak is a great choice at R1-R3 when the root systems begin to increase vertically.  Secondary roots and hairs will also increase at a much higher rate.  ValuPak is a great choice for plants anytime, but when faced with a chemical setback, at critical stages of reproduction, or high temperature stress having ValuPak on your plant is priceless.

On corn, were still promoting ValuPak/SulPak with the plains. We can say with certainty that Sulfur is a critical nutrient for photosynthesis in the top of the sunlight gathering factory and helps move Nitrogen to the top half of the plant where 60%+ of our plants overall nitrogen use is needed for grain fill. We also know that Sulfur doesn’t translocate through the plant so multiple applications are the very best way to assure its where we need it late season.

Years ago, at a Rod Ostis Salesman’s Training Camp he used a quote to ask a grower “if I can give you 3 reasons why you would buy my program, would you be able to give me one reason why you wouldn’t”?  AgXplore has the three reasons:  quality, yield, and margin.  Why wouldn’t you buy for a greater return on your investment?