AgXplore Customer Drew Haines Rises to the Top of NCGA Corn Yield Contest for 2nd Consecutive Year

We are thrilled to announce that AgXplore customer, Drew Haines, has once again shattered yield-records, recording year-end yields of 422.35 bu/ac in the National Corn Grower Association’s Class C: No-Till, Non-Irrigated class. These impressive results once again earned Haines the honor of both first place in the Nation and first place in his home state of Maryland.

Haines has been working with AgXplore Sales Agronomist H. Grant Troop since 2016. He utilizes a multitude of AgXplore products throughout the year, including NutriPak, ValuPak, CornScience, Charge, BorPak, microSTARTER, Impact PK, NutraK, StriKe, OnGuard EO, Ntensity, HumiFul, and AgXplore Zinc.

This year’s first place finish is Haines’ fourth consecutive top three ranking in the Nation. After coming in second for two years in a row, Haines garnered a first place finish in 2018 with a final yield of 366.27 bu/ac. He improved upon last year’s yield by almost 60 bu/ac this year.

“I was shocked to be the number one in the nation again,” Haines commented, “but I knew we had a good year. Everything went according to plan. It’s always a surprise to win, but we knew we had a strong one!”

Upon reflecting on this year’s success, AgXplore‘s Troop shared, “Working with Drew is a great challenge to us both as we put our collective knowledge and experiences together to formulate a high yield production plan. We study the crop and refer to research and plot work to verify our approach to high yield. Results with AgXplore products has been phenomenal.”

Looking forward to 2020, Troop stated that future efforts with Haines will focus on balancing soil nutrition and intensifying their approach to balancing growth stage plant nutrition with AgXplore products designed to stimulate the yield center of the plant; and, despite setting the bar high for himself this year, Haines does not intend to let up.

“We are ready to roll again and get started,” he stated. “We want to go even higher next year.”

On his relationship with AgXplore over the years, Haines shared, “It’s been like a working family relationship. They treat you like family and take great care of you.”

Located in Parma, Missouri, AgXplore has been manufacturing nitrogen management aids, plant nutrition products and adjuvants since 1999. AgXplore is proud to manufacture products that can help push yields to the next level while remaining safe for your soil.

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